Tools for the Zombie Apocalypse: Avoiding the Brain Drain in Transportation Organizations

Part I: July 13, 2018, noon-1pm ET

Avoiding Brain Drain in Transportation Organizations

Leaning Forward: Knowledge and Information Management for a Nimble Organization

– Leni Oman, Washington State Depart. of Transportation

This presentation highlights WSDOT's approach to understanding business needs, establishing a foundation for execution, and strengthening the learning culture.

Capturing and Learning Essential Consultant-Developed Knowledge within Departments of Transportation

– Frances Harrison, Spy Pond Partners, LLC This presentation highlights a recent NCHRP study that developed guidance on assessing risks and establishing knowledge capture procedures when using consultants

Part II: August 8, 2018, noon – 1pm ET

Avoiding Brain Drain in Transportation Organizations

Anticipatory Knowledge

 – Donna Cuomo, MITRE Corporation

An overview of MITRE's approach to anticipating the knowledge and process needs of employees - and delivering the right information at the right time.

Guidance for Development and Management of Sustainable Information Portals

– Benjamin Pecheux, Applied Engineering Management Corporation

This presentation summarizes a recent NCHRP study that created a guide for development and management of effective DOT enterprise information portals (EIPs). 

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