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Steve Albert
Montana State University
(406) 994-6114


Glenn McRae
University of Vermont
(802) 656-1317


Tom O'Brien
California State University, Long Beach
(562) 985-2875


Teresa M. Adams
University of Wisconsin-Madison
(608) 263-3175


Stephanie S. Ivey
The University of Memphis
(901) 678-3286

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Tools for the Zombie Apocalypse: Avoiding the Brain Drain in Transportation Organizations

Tools for the Zombie Apocalypse: Avoiding the Brain Drain in Transportation Organizations - Information is coming in and knowledge is going out more rapidly than anticipated. Not only are we losing knowledge from long-time employees, but consultants and contractors have an equal amount of knowledge that could escape at any moment. • How can transportation agencies make sure that essential knowledge is retained? • How can they make sure that employees have access to the right information at the right time to be effective and contribute to the success of the organization? This session will focus on recent guidance and current practices that transportation agencies can apply to tackle these challenges. Presiding: Becky Burk, Maryland State Highway Administration

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NTTD Annual Conference - Oct 7-11, 2018, in Chattanooga TN – Transforming Transportation Training Each year NTTD highlights innovative training policies, programs and technologies that serve the unique needs of the transportation community, bringing together DOT staff and trainers, LTAP personnel, and national training resource experts from federal, university and private sector organizations. Members of the transportation training community exchange ideas about training innovations and resources, develop collaborative relationships and networks, and learn from leading experts in the field.

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About the NNTW

FHWA established five Regional Transportation Workforce Centers that work together to provide a more strategic and efficient approach to transportation workforce development. The Centers act together to facilitate national partnerships with key public and private organizations throughout the transportation, education, labor and workforce investment communities to identify and promote effective transportation workforce activities and programs.

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Regional Workforce Centers

West Region Transportation Workforce Center Southeast Transportation Workforce Center Midwest Transportation Workforce Center Northeast Transportation Workforce Center at the Vermont Transportation Research Center Southwest Transportation Workforce Center
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