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Southeast Region Transportation Workforce Center

The Southeast Transportation Workforce Center (SETWC), housed at the University of Memphis serves a twelve-state region: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the territory of Puerto Rico. The mission of SETWC is to coordinate existing regionally based programs, plans, and processes and to strategically create partnerships to ensure that students and persons seeking workforce reentry, career transition, or career advancement are aware of opportunities, required education, skills, training, and ladders to success within the regional transportation workforce. While the center addresses the broad goals of transportation workforce development throughout the region, it also focuses on the following areas of national expertise:

·         Women in transportation

·         Military/Veteran transition to the transportation workforce

·         Freight  

The SETWC’s focus areas of women in transportation, freight, and military transition to the workforce are well suited to the region’s industry presence. With significant freight operations within the entire Southeast Region and 11 of the 13 states/territories identifying distribution and logistics as a key industry sector, this focus area is clearly one of extreme relevance.  The majority of regional industry stakeholders are either directly or tangentially related to freight operations, and there is strong interest in improving the ability to attract and retain workers in these jobs. Women are underrepresented in transportation occupations in general, but even more so in freight-related jobs and professions.  The numerous military installations in the Southeast Region provides the opportunity to leverage relationships to create a clear pipeline for military/veterans to enter the civilian workforce. Transportation occupations are well suited to these potential employees’ skill sets, as the bulk of military jobs are transportation-related. The role of SETWC is to identify and share regional best practices and programs, connect stakeholders to workforce resources, and to leverage partnerships to address regional workforce challenges.

Point of Contact:  Stephanie Ivey, Director.  Southeast Transportation Workforce Center, University of Memphis. 302 Engineering Administration.  Memphis, TN 38152

Phone: 901-678-3286.  Email:  [email protected]


Compendium of programs link: SETWC Search Portal