NNTW Webinar Launch


The National Network for the Transportation Workforce (NNTW) hosted a webinar on March 28, 2017 to launch the National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative (NTCPI). Southwest Transportation Workforce Center Director Dr. Thomas O’Brien welcomed webinar participants with opening remarks and a brief introduction of the five regional transportation workforce centers and their unique roles, which make up the NNTW.

O’Brien’s opening was followed by the introduction of the vision of the NTCPI and its unique approach to serve the transportation industry at the national level. The vision of this initiative hopes to connect industry employers, public agencies, and academic leaders to help identify skills and competencies to create transportation career pathways. Virginia Tsu, Director of the Office of Innovative Program Delivery at the Federal Highway Administration, was invited to give her perspective on this new initiative:

“To date, transportation efforts to establish career pathways have been fragmented and sporadic but the National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative can change that. This initiative is the first effort that I am aware of that will address transportation career pathways development in a substantial manner. It is the opportunity for transportation to talk more intelligently to the education and training community about the skill sets and competencies, education and training that we need in a thoughtful, logical, and comprehensive approach by developing transportation career pathways.”

Scott Jakovich, NTCPI Project Coordinator, gave a general project overview of the initiative and the responsibilities of each center that will help the group achieve the goal of creating career pathways. The webinar also explored the five centers’ disciplines, and each center director had the opportunity to share their focus and contributions to the initiative. A question-and-answer segment concluded the webinar, which gave center directors an opportunity to answer questions about this new initiative.

To watch the webinar and learn more about the NTCPI click here: http://bit.ly/NTCPIWebinar