Partnership with NAPE


NNTW partners with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) to form a collaborative working partnership to advance their common interests and initiatives, create opportunities for under-served populations, and promote an increasingly skilled and resilient workforce to meet the needs of the transportation sector in the coming decades. NAPE is a consortium of state and local agencies, corporations, and national organizations whose mission is to increase student access, educational equity, and workforce diversity by building educators’ capacity to implement effective solutions through professional development, technical assistance, research and evaluation, and advocacy. 

Purpose of the Collaborative Partnership Agreement

Collaboration between both parties provides the foundation for NAPE and the NNTW to formally engage and work toward common goals to promote equal access to and equity in educational opportunities in transportation and the development of a skilled and career-ready transportation workforce. NAPE and the NNTW anticipate that some collaborative work efforts may include but are not limited to: 

  • Creating opportunities for under-served populations in the transportation workforce 

  • Identifying critical needs and developing strategies to meet those needs 

  • Providing regional and national data, indicators, and forecasts 

  • Promoting successes – regional, organizational, and individual 

  • Tracking industry growth and trends 

  • Demonstrating benefits for career pathways, partnerships, and innovative approaches 

  • Recruiting and retention efforts to attract existing and future workforce; including youth, veterans, women, under-served populations, etc.

  • Connecting educators and industry leaders across the continuum to introduce and advance program efficacy to fill current and future workforce needs in transportation


Both partners agree to establish a formal working arrangement to: 

  • Establish a representative point of contact between NAPE and the NNTW 

  • Meet (in-person or virtually) at least annually 

  • Link NAPE members expressing desire to connect with industry partners to advance efficacy of education and training programs 

  • Provide support on national and regional event(s) to promote or advance the common goal 

  • Collaborate on joint educational and industry outreach via webinars or other projects