Partnership with APTA

The American Public Transportation Association

The National Network for the Transportation Workforce (NNTW) and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) form a collaborative working partnership to advance their common interests and initiatives to advance an increasingly skilled, resilient workforce, in sufficient numbers, to meet the needs of the transportation sector, and specifically the Transit sector, in the coming decades. The common understanding and commitment to action that underlies collaborative action includes:

 · APTA has identified Workforce Development as a priority action item since 2000, and recently established a department, the primary purpose of which is to focus on workforce development, and included workforce development as one of the five areas in APTA’s strategic plan. In 2014, FHWA funded the five Regional Transportation Workforce centers to bring a new focus and priority to workforce development across all surface modes. The Centers’ strategic plans are expressions of new priority efforts across modes, disciplines and partnerships to advance the workforce in the transportation sector.

· APTA and many of the partners in the NNTW worked cooperatively to plan and implement the 2012 National Summit on the Transportation Workforce and share the framework for action that emerged from that initiative.

· APTA has a long history in initiating and investing in partnerships as a strategy to increase its impact in developing the nation’s transit workforce, from top executives to front-line staff. The mandate for the regional workforce centers is to facilitate new and strengthen existing partnerships to build career awareness in youth or current workers in other fields, develop and expand education and training programs to enter the field, and promote and grow professional development opportunities. This work needs to advance across the county and the Centers through their regional approach and APTA through its national membership are in excellent positions to continue partnership-building work. 

· APTA and the regional centers are committed to supporting breakthrough ideas, innovative programs, and sustained collaborations to ensure the growth, sustainability and economic vitality of the industry and the nation.

Purpose of the Collaborative Partnership Agreement

This working agreement provides the base for joint organizing between APTA and the five regional centers to formally engage and work toward common goals. In promoting the growth and development of a long-term skilled workforce in Transit and related areas some mutual work may include:

· Identifying the critical needs and connecting the dots (needs with resources)

· Providing regional and national trends, indicators, and forecasts

· Promoting successes – regional, organizational, individual

· Tracking industry growth and change patterns

· Raising red flags as quick shifts or critical needs occur

· Demonstrating benefits of Career Ladder Programs, Partnerships, and innovative approaches

· Telling transportation industry stories across all modes as a means to attract youth, veterans, women, underserved populations – to help see the richness in job and career opportunities


The Collaboration will be initiated with the signing of this agreement. The parties agree to establish a formal working arrangement:

· Establishing a representative point of contact between APTA and the National Network · meeting (in person or virtually) quarterly

· Organizing at least one national event, virtual or in-person, to promote or advance the common work (e.g., session(s) at the APTA annual meeting)

· Collaborating on joint educational outreach via webinars or other programs

· Developing a joint strategy document within one year of the signing of the agreement


This collaborative agreement is non-binding; it is not intended to and does not create any contractual rights or obligations with regard to the signatories or any other parties. This agreement may be amended with the written consent of all signatories, including the addition of new partners. Participation in the Collaborative Partnership Agreement may be terminated by any signatory upon written notice to the others. This agreement may be terminated by the mutual written agreement of the signatories.

Effective Date

This agreement shall become effective upon the date the signatures are affixed and shall remain effective until such a time as the signatories decide, individually or collectively, to dissolve it.